A guitar player with an awful voice, but lots of desire to learn to sing!

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My name is David and I live in Arizona. I have recently been blessed enough to be playing lead guitar in our worship band at church. I have never been in a church group before, and I have never played lead guitar before....so much for staying in a comfort zone at age 64 :) About 10 days ago I was chosen to be the worship leader....dittos on the comfort zone concept. I stumbled upon a review for a TC Helicon product by Ken, jumped to his website, and was instantly fired up by the prospect of actually doing some singing for the band if I could get good enough. I don't sing now at all in church or anywhere else, but something (or Someone) told me that this program would be the key to unlocking any potential that I may have. What I lack in talent will hopefully be overcome by intense desire and discipline. I can't tell you good folks how excited I am to get started with this journey. I haven't received the products yet, but will look at the volume 1 free, advanced link tomorrow. Very kind of Ken to do this for those of us who can't sleep at night dreaming of singing a song (or even harmony) in such a way that won't empty the church before the pastor gets to his sermon! I've never even had the slightest desire to jump into any forums, but here I am! Thanks for reading this semi-lengthy intro.....I look forward to your input, advice, and prayers for a rapid learning curve for this eager musician! I already appreciate you all!


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    Well, @drdavid, you have come to the right place.

    Welcome to a forum that is populated by many former non-singers, or non-lead singers, as well as folks who have sung lead for years, but just didn't know the right way that it should be done.

    You will definitely have your hands (and your vocal cords) full while starting down this long journey that will last you the rest of your singing life.  It's important to enjoy the process as it goes along.  Your voice will grow, but many of the things you will learn will happen as your voice develops and matures over time.

    There's no better time to get started than now, so fasten your seat belt and get ready for liftoff!

    The desire and discipline will be immense helps to keep a fire lit underneath you.  Often we ask folks to leave at the door any previous training they may have had.  In your case, you can just stroll right in as a blank slate and soak it all in as fully as you can, with no preconceived notions or bad habits to break. 

    Nice to meet you!


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    Very encouraging, Bob....thanks! You make a good point about not having to re-learn anything-I guess ignorance can be bliss in this case! David
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