older singer (46) ..making a comeback....lol

i have been in bands since my teens... made my living in a touring cover band for more than 20 years. was the lead singer for the last 15 of those. 

i used seth riggs sing for the stars (speech level singing) to fix my hurting voice about 10 years ago, but always felt it was a incomplete method especially for rock music... so i have decided to give the KTVA metrhod a go. i'm super excited.  have started the first disc and hope to be able to practice and understand and grow. the first volume breathing is something i have never seen explained like that... i can't get it yet but i wil.


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    Welcome, @luggnut,

    Many of us here have used the methods you have used and more, to boot, before finding KTVA.  I knew I had found what I was looking for shortly after beginning Ken's training.

    I think you have found your new singing home.  This is the stuff that real singing is made of.  Your comeback will blow away your former heyday capabilities.

    The breathing is super-important, and it does take some people a while to wrap their brain around it, but you WILL get it.  You learn it by doing and by trial and error, and by reading here on the forums and asking good questions.  Together we learn and improve, and grow our voices.


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    thanks for the encouraging words... i'll be on the first disc for a while i'm sure, working on retraining myself out of old and bad hbits
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    You should most likely stay on Volume One for about six weeks, minimum.  Some stay on it for much longer than that.  You are retraining your brain and your body.  You are also growing new muscle, and muscle-memory.  You will need time, as that is one of the elements that solidifies the training, as you grow into it. 

    Enjoy the process.  You are building a new voice that will be with you for as long as you continue to do the exercises and techniques.


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    Haha @luggnut... 46... I wish I was still 46 LOL...  I sang for the first time in Public since I was a young kid, when I was about 46...  That was 11 years ago!  I'm so glad I finally got back into it, and wish I'd not stopped all those years in between!

    I've "only" been on the program since about August 15th, 2014, but I've noticed a lot of great changes since then.  I'm planning to spend more time on Volume 1 before I get too deep into Vol 2.  Trying to "blend" KTVA learning with singing gigs and trying not to fall back into my old ways too much.
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    Hah, 46... a distant memory! I started doing BVs for the first time in my three piece when I was 46. Taken until now to realise I need to learn to sing so I can turn the mic up, ha ha!

    Welcome @luggnut
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