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Could I get a breakdown of my voice please Acoustic cover of Beautiful Jesus

Michaelkeeh11Michaelkeeh11 Enrolled Posts: 25
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feel free to tear this one apart and by that I mean critique it so I can learn and maybe develop some new habits while singing and when reviewing.  Thank you and dont hold back at all I love criticism as it will make me better in the long run.

I have only been in the program for 6 weeks now.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359


    This particular tune and recording isn't the best for a vocal evaluation.  It's a fairly simple song, and you aren't doing much to critique in it.  The fact that the volume of the guitar is too high in relation to the volume of your voice on the recording makes it that much harder to say much.

    You are on-pitch.  You could be brighter.  You could open your jaw and mouth more.  You could support more.  It would be better if you kept your head straight, rather than turning it left and right.  Other than that, I don't hear anything in this performance that needs correcting.

    If you will do some LAH scales I can tell you if you are using the techniques properly in those.  The exercises are the Gold Standard for determining if you are on track as you should be with developing the techniques.  Random songs may or may not take you to places where the techniques will be that easy to apply. 

    Otherwise, what I hear sounds good.  As you move along through your course, you will learn more and more techniques, and as you practice them, you will begin to be able to implement them in your songs.  There's nothing really wrong with this song, it's just a very easy, repetitious  Verse-chorus type song, that isn't very challenging vocally.  You did a good job on it. 

    Next time, see if the  microphone can be closer to your mouth and farther from the guitar, OR find a way to play the guitar more softly in comparison to the volume level of your voice. 



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