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G'day from NZ

haggishaggis Posts: 1Pro
Hi folks - 'haggis' here from NZ. Just got the course as a Xmas present for myself.
I'm actually a harmonica player but have done vocals before but about 8 years ago I got a whack to the throat training in martial arts which stuffed my voice up bad.
I've been working on getting it back ever since and have been doing some b.v's but I never thought I'd be able to sing well again-how wrong I was-I've started the course 2 days ago and already can feel things coming right. I'm going to take my time with this and make sure I've got things right in volume 1 before moving on.
Cheers to Ken for putting this together and sharing his knowledge.
All the best to everyone for 2015 and let's sing up a storm.


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