Please listen to my demo of Break In by Halestorm!!!

Hi all! I'm new and just about to start the Ken Tamplin Programme. I thought it would be good to post a link to a soundcloud song of mine to get some analysis before I start the programme and also as a sort of milestone as to where I am now for comparison later. 
So here I am singing Halestorm's Break In a couple of months ago. Some unbiased critique would be massively welcomed!!
Happy listening!


  • Jean-ChristianJean-Christian Enrolled Posts: 11
    Hey, I liked your cover - Halestorm's lead singer is a hard one to match since most women don't have that natural 'grit'. 

    Your pitch is great, and I liked the harmonies.

    I'm sure you'll be able to add some grit/vocal compression - unless you are more after a clean style of singing.
  • iamwilliamwill Pro Posts: 5
    That was really well done - Lzzy is a tough one to match for sure!

    Lots of feeling/emotion in your voice. Many times covers are technically sound or interesting interpretations, but I think it's harder to bring the emotion across.  
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