New older singer here

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Hey everyone --

My name is Brett McCoy and I am in the Maryland suburbs of Washington DC. Just got the full download version of KVTA videos and have watched the first series and am working through the audio exercises. I am relatively new to singing, although I have been a musician for many years. I'm an older dude, too, in my 40s. I play guitar in a couple of bands and am also a composer, having obtained a master certificate in Orchestration for Film & TV via Berklee. I just finished up a couple of voice classes via Berklee Online, one in basic vocal technique and a second focused on rock & pop vocals. Now I am ready for a deep dive into voice training and was really impressed with some of the videos I found via Youtube where Ken analyzes different singers like Ronne James Dio (my favorite singer!), Chris Cornell, and many others.

-- Brett


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