My new band called Srofase

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Hi there!

I have used Ken's methods to improve my technique. Here is my new band, called Srofase. From our website you can listen all songs from our debyt-album called 1804. Please check out and leave comments. Thanks!

-Esa / Srofase


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    good stuff!
    which 1 are you in the picture? 
  • kurzweilkurzweil Enrolled Posts: 27

    Thanks! First from the left.
  • mivisonmivison Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 191
    in what way has KTVA help you ?
  • kurzweilkurzweil Enrolled Posts: 27
    When i started to sing, in 2010, i tried many styles and used several days and hours to actually learn how can i sing high notes constantly with baritone voice. I was lucky and found some technique how i could sign really high notes powerfully. Afterall i found that i did something wrong, or tried too much because my voice was very tired after few notes. I tried some light pop-singing courses but i got totally lost with those and i almost stopped to believe that i can be singer with good range and power. In 2011 summer i got a chance to test my voice in studiorecordings. First time was ok, but i got comments from guys that "put a little more power" and so on. After that moment i decided to find some technique that really grows my voice and fits for rock and metal singing. Then i found KTVA. I was really exited about things that "i can use my voice loudly and healthy" and KTVA reminded me a littlebit those first steps what i had with singing. I was on right track already when i started but i overtrained my voice because i tried so much. With KTVA i founded that growing the voice is like a training a muscle. You cannot push your voice day after day. But if it feels ok and sounds ok, you are on right track. Voice needs a lot of practice and understanding. AND REST!!! 

    I did some practice with volume 1 and i found it really helpfull. The next studio session was great. Guys were very exited because suddenly i had big voice and i was able to really compress my sound. The placement and compressing is the keys to really sing those mind blowing notes. And compressing is also "the key" to raspy sound.
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    Hi Kurzweil

    I think Your voice is great!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.

    If I compare Your voice to those who really hit the big scene, I think that You bring your breast voice well high up, but I think You should work on building more power in low register.
    It sounds like a good album You and Your band have made. Good stuff and the guitarist is top class. First I though that You needed a must better producer, but then I heard the clips on Amazone.com. 

    Best Regards

    Hans Kristensen

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    Sounds...Awesome.  Almost wanna buy a CD!  What's it in US dollars?
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