Graehme from Canada

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Hi all!

My name is Graehme Floyd and I'm from London, Ontario, Canada. 

I just picked up a copy of Ken's program over the holidays - the deal was too good to refuse :)

Here's a little about me and where I would like to go with my singing:

I'm a professional guitarist. I've been in music for 20 years doing everything from piano, saxophone, bass, drums, but primarily guitar. I gig regularly and run my own music school in my area. I've done a little vocal work on and off, but never really did anything seriously.

I've wanted to be a great singer for the longest time and I feel that now is the time to commit to becoming as good as I can. My primary goal is to be able to develop my own material without having to rely on other singers. Sorry to say I've had some very bad experiences with vocalists in the past.

I would like to get myself to a point where I am not only comfortable with my own voice, but can also pull off material that impresses - I don't want to just sing, I want to blow people away. I play mostly rock and metal, and tend to favor the less aggressive vocal styles (Chris Cornell, Bruce Dickinson, Devin Townsend, etc.)

Nice to meet you all!



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    Hi, @graehme,

    It's nice to meet you, too.  There are some really nice people here, so you will fit in just fine.  Many of us have the same background of watching others do all the singing, and being ready to step up to the microphone ourselves.

    You will find that KTVA is exactly the ticket you have been needing to take that first step in a journey towards excellent singing.  You will be doing the KTVA techniques and exercises for as long as you want to continue growing your voice, and that is for as long as you possibly can.



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