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louisjameslouisjames Enrolled Posts: 125
I've recently.suffered a bout of laryngitis. It's been a month and my voice.still.isn't.100% what's the best thing. I.can do? I've been told.itll be fine, and to start lightly.warming.up again.


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357
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    First of all you need to get over the laryngitis.  You need vocal rest while you are ill with laryngitis OR Bronchial conditions.  If you are past the illness, then you should go back to your exercises, and work out every day.  You may need to start out lightly, but you should increase the strength as you are able.  Make sure you use the bright, timbral tone that Ken recommends. 

    You should not be smoking.   You should be drinking room-temperature water, and stay hydrated.  Warm, steamy showers are good to moisturize your cords.  If you've laid low vocally, due to your laryngitis, then you need to get back on the horse and build up your stamina again, without oversinging.  So take it easy and don't get in too big of a hurry, to get back to 100%.

    Garlic is great to build back your immunity, as is ginger, and probiotic yogurt can help you to get your immunity built back up.

    Some of these bugs and illnesses that rob you of your range take quite a long time to get your full range back in working order.  The bright pingy sound and regular workouts without oversinging will help to get you back into shape in the minimum possible time.

    Get well, stay well, and good singing to you!


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    johnjohn johnjohn Pro Posts: 99
    @ Louis & Bob:
    I'm going through a similar thing right now, having succumbed to a bout of whatever bug has been doing the rounds recently.  Don't think it was laryngitis, but a sore, dry, sand-papery, scratchy throat, with severe congestion.  I was forced to take a whole week off from the exercises, just now 5 days back into my routine, having started out on Volume 1, then progressing daily through Volume 2 and finally back on Volume 3.  Still haven't shaken off the throat congestion, which as you said Bob, will probably take some time to fully recover from.  With live shows looming and also upcoming studio vocal sessions, I'm more than a little concerned.  My hope is, with plenty of rest, diligent practice and some patience, things will improve as fast as humanly possible.

    Happy New Year!


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357

    Lots of Liquids, @johnjohn!

    Thin that stuff out by staying hydrated.  Keep doing your workouts, just don't overdo them.  If you lay off completely, you just tend to lose your muscle tone in your voice.

    Take good care of yourself!


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    johnjohn johnjohn Pro Posts: 99
    Thanks, Bob!
    Been staying well hydrated and getting some very good sleep.  And although I'm half-tempted to leave off the daily exercise routine, I'm reluctant to do so for the very reason you mentioned.
    But I am endeavoring to take things easier, thanks, while I'm still able to, before the madness begins again, shortly.

    Hope this finds you well and in good spirits.  :-)


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    olskoololskool Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 68
    i had laryngitis and lasted for three weeks..Couldnt sing a note..Felt my voice was destroyed for good...Its such a horrible feeling.
    So i looked into ways of protecting my voice..
    This is when I discovered KTVA.
    Seriously the best move i ever made.
    Prior to the Laryngitis i was starting to feel my voice become weeker and I knew something wasnt right.
    Of course back then I didnt realise I had bad technique and although I never felt like i was over singing i have since realised I definitley was.
    Been on KTVA program for over four months now and its certainly got me back on track and my voice is so much stronger..
    I put the hours in and just let nature take its course.
    I started nice and easy..nice and light...drank plenty of water.
    It takes time to get back up to speed but it will happen..
    Long hot steamy showers are great too...light vocal warm ups in the shower work really well.
    I also take a mutli vitamin everyday now..i take odourless garlic..omega fish oil aswell.
    Never missed a day with my vitamins since starting the KTVA program..
    Also sleep really is good..as obvious as that sounds..
    Listen to Ken ... he has so much on these discs that are of so much value to you...
    Most of all...don't worry yourself as stress can make things difficult too.
    All the best man...time as they say is a healer

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    johnjohn johnjohn Pro Posts: 99
    @ Wayne: Thanks!  After 6 weeks, I'm still having issues, and am finding my voice kind of disintegrates when descending on certain scales.  It just happens without warning, and only occurs momentarily, until I'm past whatever notes in the scale that are adversely affected.  It happens when I'm singing certain songs, also.  I'm assuming that it's caused by residue on the cords left over from the throat infection, since I find myself still needing to clear my throat.  That being said, I'm not getting hoarse.

    Thanks again.

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    olskoololskool Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 68
    Really concentrate on keeping that throat wide open and your diaphragm support strong.
    Take that pressure away from your throat and also cut back air.
    You'll find that the mucus you have going on won't really get in the way.
    Also I've found if you struggle with a scale just give yourself a little breather and go back and try it again.
    Slowing things down really helps too.
    Try your best to copy Kens tone in the warm ups and go back to volume one if you've moved on.
    Lately I've went back and do volume one and two together and If i have time i'll do three aswell.
    Don't put off your vocal training because you are having some issues..
    I rarely miss a day.
    Keep doing your warm ups and you will bring your voice back quicker and better than ever..
    Hang in there John
    Keep us all posted

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    johnjohn johnjohn Pro Posts: 99
    Thanks, Wayne!
    Appreciate the advice.  I've done pretty much all of the above, during the past month or so, including, initially, going back to Volume 1, then 2, and back up to 3 once I'd got some semblance of voice back.  Also, like you, I rarely miss a day of vocal practice, although on some days when time is tight, I may pass on singing actual songs, post workout.  With regard to my voice coming back better than ever, one thing I have noticed, which is good, (I think?!) is that I can now reach that high G5 in one of the EE exercises, track 12 of Volume 3, I believe.  And I don't think it's because of my throat/cords still being affected by the bug, as I'm way past that stage at this point. So perhaps I'm once again, experiencing some growth.  ???

    Anyway, thank you again for the advice and encouragement.  :-)

    All the best.


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