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Hi y'all!

Just wanted to shoot a quick message to let you all know there's a new student here. :)

Ok, I'll try to be brief here... My name is Jaan, I'm from Finland, I'm 40 years old (41 in April), and I've been playing music for nearly as long as I remember. I'm lucky to have had a go with more instruments than just one, and I've had plenty of opportunities to play with excellent fellow musicians who have all taught me so much. And, yes, I do this for a living.

Sometime around mid-90's (when I was in my twenties), I got involved in a cover band that specialized in thick, 4-way harmony vocals. I suppose this was the time when I magically entered the singing universe, so to speak. After some twenty years of singing a whole lot of backup, with short bursts into lead vocal territory, I came across Mr. Tamplin's Vocal Academy by accident, about a year ago. So instead of making too many New Year's resolutions, now that I finally had the extra cash, I decided to give myself the gift of the "How To Sing..." course. And it was for a sure reason.

See, I'm one of those people who really enjoy singing but who don't necessarily enjoy the quality of your voice. Lots of people from the past have told me they truly enjoy my tone, and to an extent, I guess I'm sort of semi-comfortable with my voice, but not without that nagging feeling of sensing you could be a whole lot better. Of course, it's not really helpful to set your standards so high. As a vocalist, I've always admired the great hard-rock vocalists, including but not limited to Ray Gillen (R.I.P.), Glenn Hughes, Richie Kotzen, Robert Plant, Ian Gillan, David Coverdale (on a good day - LOL!), et al. That said, just as I dig a whole lot of different musical styles, I appreciate a complete whole another world of singers out there. I'll take Prince, Michael Jackson and Justin Timberlake any day, just as I'll take Frank Sinatra, Paul McCartney and Harry Connick Jr.. The aforementioned names might be some pretty hard stuff to follow, but by the looks of it, an old dog might, indeed, be able learn some new tricks. If I can take, say, 15% of what this course has to offer, I believe I've done some serious progress. Let it be noted that I'm aiming for the full hundred, given time and persistency.

As I'm typing this message, the second to last file is downloading. And while I still have to experience the transformation of becoming a better singer, I already feel like I've made the best choice I ever could possibly have. Just looking at the range of topics in this fine forum is breathtaking. I truly feel honored to be part of this community, and I really, really want to make the best out of it. Thank you for having me, looking forward to interacting with you all and, for all heart's content, singing like them free birds on a stairway to heaven! :D


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    Hello to you, @JaanWessman!

    Thank you for telling us a little bit about what your journey has been like so far!  Now, get ready to take a new journey, one that will fit in perfectly with what you have been doing with yourself up until now!

    You have indeed done a very good thing for yourself.  You will appreciate the changes that will be forthcoming in your voice.  There are many of us here that are on the same path, ready to improve our voices and step up to a lead position, as well as many taking the first steps of learning to sing from scratch.

    We're a mixed bag of different experiences, but we all share the same goal of learning to sing more like true professionals.  And we all share the same desire to be able to sing our hearts out, and to reach out and touch the hearts of our audiences. 

    Dig in, and follow Ken's instructions as closely as you can.  You are most welcome here.


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