Hello from the Netherlands

Hai Folk's
I am new on this form and let me introduce myself.
Born in 1973 in europe the Netherlands, I play guitar is the age of 6.
In 2009 I attampt to do some vocal recordings, but one of the new goals for 2015 was te become a better singer, so the 2nd of Januari I bought the KTVA Pro pack.

I saw Ken's Demo a few years ago on youtube, where he did "Straight between the eyes", and since then I am in love with this music and technique.
I bought "At The Top Of Their Lungs" and if didn't leave my car ever since.

For me Ken's voice and technique is really where my goal is, and I hope that one day Ken will release the "Straight between the eyes" as a backing/Karaoke track, so I could train my voice to my favorite song.

I hope to learn alot on this form and from his lessons.



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