2015 The year that will change it all! :)

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Hello folks!
My name is Noah Schmid, I'm 17 years old, a Tenor (as I think) and I live in Switzerland (English isn't my mother tongue). I've been taking singing lessons for over a year now and in addition to that I've bought two other online singing courses. But all of this didn't really help me. 

Last week I bought the KTVA course. At first I was really sceptical, but after I've seen all videos and I've done the exercises several times, I feel a lot better while singing. Before KTVA, my range was G#2-Bb4 (while dropping the larynx even F#2), but I was straining and didn't have much stamina. I couldn't hit high notes easy and I couldn't sing a whole song, I always had to make short breaks or leave some words.

I try to practice at least 6 times a week and I can already see improvements. Yesterday I hit a B4 with ease without realising while the exercises! So I'm really looking forward. :)

I've been playing drums for 10 years now and guitar for 1 year and a half. Also, I can play keyboard, but I'm not great at it. My all time favourite band is Linkin Park. Their lead singer, Chester Bennington, inspired me to start singing. My dream is to be a professional singer in a Rock/Metal Band. I listen to a lot of Metalcore/Hardcore but also Alternative Rock, Heavy Metal or classic Rock. I'd like to make full band covers of songs I like on youtube, but up till now I didn't like my singing, so I could only do the instrumental parts.

My goal is to hit a high d in chest voice. :) Hope someday it'll be true!

I really like this program and the support I get, and Ken seems like a really cool guy. :)

Best Regards


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    Hi, @durza.

    Yes, 2015 will be a great year for your singing voice!

    You will have to leave those other singing programs at the door, as their methods will only introduce confusion and contradiction while studying KTVA.  In fact, we don't even bring them up here, because it just muddies the waters.  I've done both of them, too, and they really didn't work for me, either.

    I'm a drummer, too, and you will find that your stock just went up when you stepped up to learn a PRO vocal method.  KTVA will work, where the others didn't.

    Welcome to KTVA!


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    Hey @highmtn

    Thanks for your comment!
    Yes, I won't use them, they didn't help me anyway, I trust only in KTVA. :)

    Cool to see that there are other drummers who sing too. :)

    Glad to be here!

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