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saliho44saliho44 Member Posts: 15
Hey Fellow KTVA Singers!,
I'm 16 years old and I "Love singing so much!!!" Singing mean the world to me!! I have brought many singing program like sxxxxxxr singing method, sxxxxxg sxxxxxs etc and none of them seem to help me at all! I came across Ken method from a video I watch of him on youtube and I have to say I was very impress! Especially with the forum the way people interact is awesome! I will be getting a job this summer from my high school not sure how much they will pay me but hopefully its enough. I wasn't born a natural singing, people have said I have a horrible voice and many other mean things about my voice, but I still go to school and enter the choral room and sing each day and practice. I want to buy the pro pack because nothing is more important then singing to me. The question is will this help me? I have a strong accent when speaking english etc idk if that will get in my way, also my voice is not good at all. But for some reason I still sing, I can't get myself to stop or give up. This is very expensive for me since my parents wont help me pay for it at all and its all from my money. My second question is, is their an option to pay monthly or make separate payment? Thanks for your time in reading this OH and also I just started taking piano lesson about 4 month ago to also help me with singing, I'm not tune death but im not good at matching pitch or singing in rhythm and also whats the different between the pro pack and the gold bundle. Thanks for reading :)

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
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    Hi, @saliho44,

    You ask several questions.  Let me see if I can answer them.  Maybe in reverse order? 

    The Gold Bundle has everything that is included in the ProPack plus 3 private Skype lessons with Ken.

    The ProPack is all Three KTVA Volumes, plus a TON of bonus materials.  Like the Gold Bundle without the Skype lessons included.

    It will depend on when you make your purchase what arrangements there may be for payments.  There have been plans where you can pay half and get a partial download, then when you pay the balance, you get the remainder of your download and full PRO access on the Forums.  That may or may not be available at the time you make your purchase.  I believe right now the New Years Sale is still going on, and if so, the bundle is available at a lower price.  You have to pay at once to get the discount, that's not an option for payments, I believe.

    Your piano lessons may help you if you are having problems matching pitch.  You need to start trying to match notes and training your ear to hear the difference between notes and fine differences in pitch.  That can be hard for some to learn.  There is a program with the KTVA Bundle called Basic Pitch that you may find helpful.  Still, pitch can be a problem for some students, and may take extra time and effort if you have troubles with pitch. 

    If you have problems with rhythm, that could be a setback for you as well.  Most people manage to get accustomed to singing in time as they work through exercises and songs.  If you have special issues with that, you may have to overcome that.  It's mostly a matter of just getting into the groove of the song or exercise and flowing along with it. 

    You say your voice is not good at all, but nothing is more important than singing to you.  So that means you will have to work hard and learn to sing.  The pitch issue will be important, because you HAVE to be able to sing in pitch.  That's just something that can't be overlooked.  I don't think having an accent will be a problem for you.  What is your native language?  KTVA is available in several languages. 

    I'm sorry you say people are telling you that you have a horrible voice and other mean things about your voice, especially since singing means so much to you. 

    It's too bad you didn't find KTVA before buying the other singing programs that didn't seem to help you (we don't mention their names here, since they don't work anyway). 

    I hope I answered your questions.

    All the Best!



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