training volume one 3 weeks

first sorry for my bad english.
so here is my laa laa laa training and song called hollow by godsmack very cool song
and its like what kind sound i trying to lear

and this could be somekind of reference have to track them next january and we see is it turn to better

so i would be glad if you could tell somekind of pointers what i should do?
and also singing is soo hard or lets say that when i sing i think it sounds good but when listen it recorded it sounds soo awful and i hate my voice
but i have motivation if there is something to do :)

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bwg3kd3LMEE godsmack hollow

my version hollow

laa laa laa exercise


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    Hi, @downstroy,

    That's a cool song, by the way.  No need to apologize for your English.  Lots of folks here from lots of places. 

    On your song demo, it could be improved by a brighter tone and more support.  Overall, the sound of your voice is not bad.  Don't be so hard on yourself.  You did a pretty good job on the song.

    On your lah scale, again more support and brighter tone will help.

    You started out sounding good. 

    By the second scale, you started missing a couple of notes.  After this, on the B, C, and C# scales you did not sing the melody of the scale correctly. 

    These are 1,3, 5, 8, 5, 3, 1 interval scales, and that forms a distinct melody that is duplicated as you move the scale up a notch each time.

    So beginning on the B scale, it should be  B2, D#, F#, B3, F#, D#, B2.

                        What you sang was closer to B2,  E,   G,  B3, G,   E,  B2 or something in-between.  You need to focus on the correct melody/note intervals each time you sing the scales.

    You should turn off the reverb.  Your voice itself sounds OK, but singing the wrong pitches is not what you want.  Make sure you are in the right key and pitch for the guitar, and that you are singing the right melody, or intervals for each different chord.

    From about the D scale onward, you were back on the correct melody, although pitch was a bit shaky at times.

    Brightening the tone helps with pitch discernment and accuracy.  Also, strong support will help your pitch to be more solid.  Keeping the correct melody for each scale in mind is necessary as you go along.  Make sure your intervals for the notes are correct as the scale moves up a notch, and then for the next step up, etc... if you get off track, all of the following notes will follow the incorrect note and they too will likely be incorrect.  For best results, keep the train on the track.

    You are listed here on the forums as "Member".  If you have purchased a KTVA product, then you should send a copy of your purchase receipt in an email to [email protected] and request a forums status upgrade.  There are tons of information and videos here on the forums that you cannot see without a student login.  You should take advantage of that opportunity.

    You will do OK.  Pay a little more attention to these things I am mentioning, and keep practicing.

    Good Singing to You!


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