Born to be wild

Ok so first band practise with second band. We're all out but it's fun and that's what it all about learning from this and taking it further.


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    That's a fun song.  Be careful to not oversing it.  Make sure on a song like this that you can hear yourself well through the sound system or monitors, so you don't try to sing too loud, or you'll kill your vocal cords.  The distortion on your voice on lines like "Heavy metal thunder" is not a very safe distortion, so go easy on that stuff.  You'll learn to do it in a safe way when you get to Volume Three, but you need to train through a lot of basics before you can manage everything it takes to do that correctly.


  • GoldtaffGoldtaff Pro Posts: 93
    Thanks bob means a lot mate. I was reading the bands posts about setting the pa and things at the correct levels as everyone just wants to out blast each other so I'm singing too loud to compensate for it. It needs addressing and I will do too as I can't go buy another voice unlike any other instrument.
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