should i buy the first volume just to see where it goes?

I really want to start working on my voice and i believe that this would be the best way to do it. Though 300 dollars is a lot of money and i am not really interested in becoming an all out professional singer. I really just want to be able to sing a song while i play my acoustic without sounding god awful. And i think the first 2 volumes will be able to get me to where i need to be. So should i just buy the first volume? so i can see where im at and see how much i improve and then i can decide if i want to progress to the second volume. I really dont need most of the things in the 3rd volume so idk what do you think??


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    I just looked online by googling Ken Tamplin, and right above where the $299 bundle can normally be purchased, in tall red letters there is a link to click for the New Year's Special.  It's quite a bit less, and frankly, even at $299, I would recommend anyone who wants the best deal to get the Pro Bundle.  It just has so much included.

    I can understand if you just don't want the information or to put in that much work.  Volume One WILL improve your voice.  For anyone serious about learning more and improving more, the sale price is just an insanely good deal.  I hemmed and hawed myself, and waited over a year before buying KTVA.  I didn't think I could afford it.  The price was more back then, and it didn't include all of the programs that are now included.  I could kick myself now for stalling.  I cheated myself out of a year's progress by not starting sooner.  Buying the KTVA vocal program was the best thing I've ever done for myself.  I bought almost every singing course there is on the market prior to getting KTVA.  The others didn't work.  KTVA works.

    Since you may want Volume Two anyway, you should think about possibly getting the Pro Bundle for just a few dollars more than it would cost to buy Volumes One and Two separately.  I don't know how long that price will remain, but it's a very good deal.

    So, yeah, if you just get Volume One, you will learn a lot of the basics. 

    : ^ )

    All the Best!


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    kaulferskaulfers Pro Posts: 300
    When I was mildly interested in learning how to sing years ago (5) I passed on it and just kept playing.  Well last year I went and picked up the pro pack. When the time is right go, for it all because once you get rolling you're going to want to keep going. (hopefully).

    I'm a hobbyist as well. 
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