I really do want to sing better than anyone else,... or at least as good as the best.

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Hi Ken,

I have wanted to be a singer all my life. I remember driving down Whittier Blvd in my Mom's beatle in1969 singing to every song on the radio. That never ended, this is the thing I can always hit all the notes and sound great when I'm singing along with the radio or cd's but its a different thing without the radio, why is that?  well I gave it a try and sang in a few bands in High school and did a decent job. the problem was is we were partying too much and i was scatter brain from all the drugs. Hmm.. well I got saved, gave my life to Christ and never came back until now. 22 yrs.

I bought the KTVA course right before Christmas 2014 (Merry Christmas). I immediately downloaded all the files before my dvd package shipped.  I watched the entire series twice through just to get all the information into my thoughts and mind as an overview. 
I have diligently practiced the lessons in DUDEs vol.1  on an average of three times per week. I am able to sing through all the lessons pretty easily. As I mentioned that I recently started playing music again. I have been recording 2 new demos and singing so I can hear my voice. I think I'm already singing better as I go through Vol.1   I am still struggling with supporting the end of my phrases and although I can hit high notes it sounds weak on the recording.  I really think timing has a lot to do with my breathing problem. I find if I'm in the groove with the song and my breathing in in the timing of the groove I can almost sing anything I feel. 
I always felt that I can sing really good someday but I am just singing wrong, approaching the notes wrong, breathing wrong and timing off.  I even noticed if I pay attention to breathing right I crash and burn. Simply, what I need is someone to coach me to LIFE....

I am giving this my best shot!  I'm straight (no drugs) I am a new creation, I have the same deep desire to sing really great and I hope and pray I can find that help here.

I have attached a link to a song I recently wrote, I sang this track with 3 weeks into the course and Im really struggling. 
The chorus is supposed to be sung 1 active higher but I was really weak at the B5 so I sang it in the 4th. I hope I can learn to open up and sing it like I hear it in my mind.

I hope to meet you soon Ken.

Thanks & Best,


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    We'll if your asking someone who just listens to the music. I can say you'd of fooled me.  Your song sounds great. As you said an octave higher is where it should be. From all i've seen the material is there and i'd bet one step would be increase training to at least 5 days if all possible.

    And of course a web session with Ken.

    Any more songs?

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    @phill:  Frankly, I really like it just the way it is.  It "hooked" me right off the bat, with kind of an "80's" sound to it (which I liked).  I didn't lose interest at all.

    Seems that if the chorus was an octave higher it might sound too high.  Of course I understand that's not how you hear it or want it, but that's my opinion.  Maybe you could make that high harmony a bit more up front/louder, to get that higher sound w/o killing yourself singing it.

    I think it sounds pretty nice, got a good melody, nice harmonies in the chorus, too!

    Keep practicing, and go easier on yourself, you're probably way better than you think!

    Glad to hear that you're off the drugs, too.  That in itself is an awesome accomplishment.
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    Hi, @phill,

    Your song is good.  Your voice sounds pretty good, as well. 

    It's time to settle in for the long haul.  Training your voice and growing it is something that you are just beginning.  You're only about a month into the course.  That isn't time for much muscular growth.  In fact, with any muscle training, you can feel more tired at about one month in, as opposed to feeling like Superman.

    This training WILL build your voice if you put in the time and effort.  Like @kaulfers said, Five days per week is more like it, if you want to progress faster.  Even six days if you're impatient and want faster results.  Add time to your exercises, as well, if you want to move along faster.

    Speed and high notes require more focused practice time.

    If you want to really help yourself, you will record yourself ALWAYS and often listen to the playback.  Nothing fancy, just an old cassette boombox from a thrift store will work fine.  I'm talking about your audio exercises, not songs.  The exercises are what will build your voice.  Yes, songs will be important along the way, but the Exercises build your voice and also give us the insight into what your voice is doing for evaluations. 

    You will need to learn the basics on the exercises.  After you have mastered all of the building blocks, you can start incorporating all of those techniques into songs, item-by-item.  Give all of this time to grow, to sink into the subconscious, and to become a part of muscle-memory. 

    You already have a number of good qualities in your voice.  You need to work on stamina and support to get past some of your present issues.  That's going to take a lot of practice. 

    I'm certain that you will be feeling very good about your voice as you continue to grow and build it.  Please try to incorporate a healthy dose of patience into the process.  Students that worry their way through this seem to cheat themselves out of the joy of the journey.  A can-do approach removes many of the mental obstacles that impatience and worry can place in our path. 

    Have faith in yourself that this will work, and work very well for you.  It will take time.  Yes, you have obstacles.  In time, you will overcome them.   There will be many ups and downs, plateaus, and triumphs.  Take them one day at a time, and then look back every so often.  You will see.  It's much better when you set your sights high, but enjoy the journey as well. 

    And, oh yes, we're here to help you.




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    Hello Guys: A big "Thank You" to all of you for the replies.

    @kaulfers Thanks very much for the encouragements, yes I have more songs. I have another song ready but I'm waiting to re do the vocal when I establish more stamina and diaphram support. 

    @rcrosier Thanks for giving feedback on my song. I am encouraged to keep working at it. Yes, I am hard on myself even though I promised myself to let it go. I quit before because I was so un happy with my own voice. however, love for the music has brought be back.

    @highmtn Hi Bob, thanks for the awesome encouragement and i will definitely move up to 5 times a week and use a recorder in the sessions to playback. I will post a couple demos of the sessions as kinda a starting point. 

    Lastly, I respect and value all the feedback from you here and really look forward to great singing.

    All the best,
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