1st Day of KTVA - rock/metal singer looking for more power, stamina and edge

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My name is Mike. Around 3 months ago I passed the frontman audition for an Iron Maiden tribute. The audition trashed my voice. I sang the easier songs (Wrathchild, Powerslave) ok, but other songs tore me up (Aces High, Wasted Years) and on most songs I avoided lots of Bruce's high notes, opting for something a 3rd or a 5th down (whatever sounded good in key).
Since then I've spent some time with another vocal course and I can now make it through the whole 12-song set with my voice intact, singing most of the Brucey notes (not even he sings live exactly like he does on record, but chooses some easier notes sometimes - I am somewhere close to his live note selection.)
Previous to the tribute thing I had done some singing. I recorded two "internet band (exchanging files over email)" rock/prog albums for a group called MotH

And in 2009 I did a homerecording solo record. The material for all those projects was considerably less challenging than Maiden and I didn't have to perform it live.
Anyway, I'm looking for whatever encouragement and insights this community can give me to help me improve and I hope to give that value back to others.

Here is a video of me doing Wrathchild during personal rehearsal a few days ago:

Flight of Icarus is in the same channel. Sorry if we're supposed to post vids elsewhere - just trying to paint the picture of where I'm at!



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    Yes, the demos area is the area to put demos in. 

    Nice of you to say hello. 

    Be sure to leave your old vocal methods at the door.  Listen to what Ken says to do and do exactly that. 

    Your voice will grow in stamina and power if you follow his instructions. 

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    Welcome to KTVA!


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    Hey Bob,

    Nice to hear from you. Yes, I fully intend to try to pick up what Ken is layin down.
    Not sure how much the other vocal coach goes in to support - I'm sure he covers it, but maybe not in a way that has connected with me.  I'm singing fairly comfortably at least a 1/5 higher than before I started it, even if the support needs a lot of work. I was "pulling chest" badly and trashing my voice within a few songs.
    But yeah, I feel like I'm not progressing much any more.

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    Forget about the other Vocal Coaches, especially speech level singing coaches. Watch Ken Tamplin's videos and practice the Audio Workouts every day, and you will be blown away at how much more power, range and control you develop. I'm a newbie and I can't believe how strong my voice is after six weeks. Even my speaking voice sounds and feels different. This may sound harsh, but the other so called Vocal Coaches that I found were snake oil salesmen. You improve a little at first with their techniques, but that is only because you are using your voice. With some of the other Vocal Coaches, after about a month, your voice actually gets weaker and you start to lose range. Do yourself a favor and completely ignore the other Vocal Coaches, at least for a while.
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