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I just purchased the KTVA course a couple of days ago and wanted to introduce myself to the community... I'm a guitarist/bassist that has for the last couple of decades been primarily a BGV but have always been hindered by lack of range and quality in my vocals. It's always been a concern but I never really did anything about it. I have a good ear for harmony but have never had the range or control in my voice to handle any musical situation that came up, whether it was doing background vocals or lead singing. I've always had to choose material carefully because of this situation.

Fast forward to approximately a couple of weeks ago... I saw a video of Ken demonstrating how effective his vocal techniques are and to be totally honest... I was blown away! Then when I heard in one of his videos that he started out in much the same way I did and was a baritone starting out, I knew there was truly hope for me at last. I'd purchased other vocal training material in the past but never got around to actually working the program(s) so I guess in one sense, that was a good thing so I now don't have a lot to "unlearn".

I'm excited to learn and practice the material Ken covers and looking forward to the time I can finally have the range, power and control needed to express myself vocally and musically the way I want to and not have any creativity in artistic expression be hindered by under developed or improperly developed technique. Thanks Ken for making such instruction available for those of us that really care about being the best singers we can be!

All the best,


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    You have made a decision that you will look back on later and go "THAT was REALLY a good move!"

    This program works.  The methods take time and work, but doesn't everything in life that is really worth doing?

    You have come to the right place.

    Good Singing to You!



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    I agree Bob. There is no such thing as a free lunch and it is certainly true in the avenue of artistic ability and creativity. It all requires work and effort to get good at it. But I would also qualify that based on the assumption that one has the correct information and instruction method to begin with. You can have all the tine and effort in the world, but if the training you are working with is not efficient or case proven, your results will probably not be what you hope they will be.

    After seeing what Ken and his students demonstrate, I have no doubt that in time, I can truly become a really good, possibly great singer. I'm reviewing Volume 1 now and beginning to do the exercises there. I'm not going to be in a hurry to rush through; going to make sure I have the material nailed and is second nature before going further.

    All the best,
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     Welcome and you are certainly not alone. Enjoy the process.
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    Your response is right on the money about the correct information and methods.

    You will do very well with this course!



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