Eager to Make Major Strides in my Vocal Strength, Control and Range

I have been in and out of bands since college.   People liked my voice but I never truly developed my potential or range.  I'm now 46 and still feel that I haven't found my own voice or been able to really blow peoples minds, which is what I want to do vocally and performance wise.  This is just a hobby for me, I don't want to become a rock star, but I do want to sound like one.  This is my natural god given gift and I will not waste it anymore.

I have always been labeled a baritone with limited range.  That is already changing because I am dedicated to practicing my notes, scales and am ready to relearn or unlearn bad habits through KTVA.  

No more blown auditions with average musicians, no more pitchy, squeeky, honky vocals.  No more flat notes or recordings.  No more blowing out my voice at a show before it's over.  No more over-singing due to poor monitors.  No more excuses, fear or feeling angry when I see horribly average singers getting paid to be forgettable.

This is my quest.  Thanks Ken for putting this program together.  When I can sing Foreigner like Kelly Hansen, croon like an Arctic Monkey and whale like Chris Cornell that will be proof that I have done the work and Ken is the best at what he does. 

Cheers to everyone getting out there and performing.  It's the one thing I have always loved to do and been scared to death of at the same time... besides surfing... :)



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