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Rhythm and Timing

I can't feel the rhythm while singing, its very annoying. Often time my choral director would tell me that its really hard to accompany me on the piano because i keep adding beat or removing beat, and sometime i'm behind the beat and ahead of the beat. I don't know when to start singing when the intro is being play or when their is a stop in a song I can't figure out when to start singing again. I just started singing last year around this time, and I started taking piano lesson september 2014. Hopefully that would help me. This problem is really frustrating as hell(excuse my language). Is their any program out their that can help me with this rhythm issues? or is their a program in Ktva that  can help me? Thanks for reading this.


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    That is basic music theory. 

    Most popular music is built around sets of FOURS.  Four beats to the measure, four measures to the phrase, four phrases to the verse, four phrases to the chorus, eight measures to the bridge (also known as the "middle eight").

    You have to learn to recognize these patterns within the music.  Some people struggle with this. 

    Start by patting your foot in time with the music.  See if you can recognize where beat "ONE" is.  Then start counting along, One, Two, Three, Four, One, Two, Three, Four, as the song moves along.  This is basic music.  Your choral director probably counts out "One, Two, Three, Four at the beginning of every song.  You should be able to keep counting along 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, all the way through each song.

    Other songs may be in 3 beats to the measure, or 6 or some other count, but the basic count is usually "Everything is in multiples of FOUR. "  See if you can start counting along to songs on the radio or on CD's.  Learn to sense where beat ONE is.  It happens over and over in a song. 

    Maybe you can take some basic drum lessons to help you with this.  Rhythm is something that most people have a sense for, simply because it is so common.  Maybe you need to take some dance lessons.  Learn to feel the beat.  These are just ideas.  Most people do not have timing issues.  For the people that do have a lack of timing sense, it can be a struggle.  Besides having to worry about whether you are off PITCH, you also have to worry about whether you are off TIME.  You need both skills to sing and play. 

    Start listening to music more.  Really pay attention to what is happening.  It's not just a drone.  There is a beat, with repetitions, and it cycles over and over again, like a factory or a machine.  Once you realize what's happening, it's quite simple and quite easy.  If you don't comprehend it, you will be lost and adrift in a sea of time and notes.   

    Find the simplicity and synchronicity in music.  It's a beautiful thing, and you will love it once you find it.


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