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I wanna buy Ken tamplin's "How to sing better than anyone else" pro course. I am a beginner and have no idea about the voice, is this the bundle I should go for? Also, I see all these amazing students of his, but they all go for skype classes and personal classes. I cant afford that kind of money. So I wanna know how good can I get if I only use the bundle? Anyone has amazing results from JUST using the pro bundle please tell me.. Can I reach the ability such  that I can sing live with just the Pro bundle? Please respond, thanks a lot!


  • ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    edited February 2015
    This is specifically a forum for KTVA students, so you clearly wont getting anyone here saying that you shouldn't get it.
    "How good you can get" depends entirely on yourself. There is a ton of good info in the bundles and even more in the extra resources that go with the pro bundle (webinars and other stuff on these forums). If you are able to understand+apply that info effectively with a tremendous work ethic, then yes you can certainly reach the ability to sing live.
  • andy.kandy.k Pro Posts: 3
    It ends up costing a lot more if you buy the lessons separately. Buy the whole pack when it is on sale for $229.00.
    How good you become as a singer, depends on your talent level, and your dedication level.
    I played in bands for most of my life and avoiding singing because I could not control my voice.
    I had good ears, so I could hear how bad I sounded. So I normally just sang backup harmonies.
    Recently my fellow band members told me to stop being a wimp and learn how to sing.
    Bottom line,Tamplin's method has been working for me, and I have only been doing it about 2 months.
    I am almost 50 years old and my voice is now stronger than it has ever been. I can sing higher
    than I ever could in the past. I went to a Karaoke Event the other day and got tons of applause and
    many people now tell me that I am a good singer. However,I also practice almost every single day.


    P.S. I tried some speech level singing techniques by others. They don't work.
           Stick with Ken Tamplin's method. It works.

  • andy.kandy.k Pro Posts: 3
    I apologize if I confused you. I purchased the Pro Course that you asked about.
    It was on sale at the time for $229.00
    Volume 1 alone will improve your voice significantly.
    I now have much more control and a better tone.
    I haven't finished Volume 2. I am almost 50 and Volume 2 is a major vocal workout.
    It will take me some time to move on to Volume 3.

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