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Ethan_ReynoldsEthan_Reynolds Volume 1 Posts: 3
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I am very excited as I have just purchased volume 1 earlier today and I've been looking through it and going through it bit by bit and just overall I am very excited. So I decided to sign up and say hello, as I start my journey through this program. This will be my first time I've gone through any vocal program or training, so while I am nervous I am also very excited to go through and try to become the very best I can become. But in any case it's very nice to meet you all!

Edit: I realized I completely forgot to introduce myself haha. Well in any case my name is Ethan I'm 20 years old and I'm from Vermont. My goals are most likely a little bit broad at the moment, so for right now I just want to find my voice and keep raising the bar as I go further into my life and career and to just be the very best I can be. At the same time I'm also delving into a few other musical endeavors such as audio/music production as well as a variety of instruments. But most of all to me while music is my main passion, I would say singing is the strongest passion within that.


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