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I've been studying Ken Tamplin

Hello there, I have bought all 3 volumes. I have learned many things from Ken in terms of singing and the technical part of it. I m on volume 2. Ive been doing this program on and off for 2 years now. 

I would like to share with you what ive learned.

1. First Posture, Standing is a good posture. We don't lean or tip our head and body side ways. 

2. Breathing from the Diaphragm. it is the engine for our singing. For me its like a feeling of balloon being filled with air. I usually take 3 quarters to a half breathe. I dont take a full breathe because the air gets let out from whats left from my deep breathe. and then i would be breathing in the mic

3. Bright Color singing, Now ive noticed that singing brightly i have a clear and clean sound.  Ive learned that there is 4 registers, Whistle,Falsetto,Model and vocal fry. In my understanding the model voice is my real voice. I used to sing in my nose and in my head.  Ive noticed how one sings in the head,nose and throat. these are highly raised or really low larynx

4. warming up, it is very important to warm up because we couldn't finish one song not even a set.in ken's program it grows the voice for a bright sound. 

5. Open throat and vowels,every word has a vowel and a shape to the mouth for each vowel which is AW, AH, O, E.  open throat is basically opening the jaw and letting out a bright colored sound. We dont shift the jaw which causes tension. 

6. Also there is also vowels for going into the head voice. we start of singing lightly to connect the chest to head voice. But we want to grow the chest voice in order to keep our vocals.

7. we want to sing lightly starting for beginners, we also want a a consistent volume in each phrase  we sing. 

8. when we go up in higher notes we dont bring the bottom up to the top. we thin the sound going higher. 

9. moving targets. The use of the vowels will eliminate moving targets. Moving targets is when we cant hit the note and then the next day we could.

this is far as i have gotten. 


Thank you Ken Tamplin and all who work for you because every vocal coach ive been to couldnt prove their teaching as Ken has stated. Ken has the best program, i believe that because its in his singing. 


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    whoisj15whoisj15 Pro Posts: 139
    SAFE SINGING (more of my understanding)

    Hello, ive noticed some things about safe singing. In Ken's program ive learned these things about safe singing:

    Tension in the neck - comes from singing in the throat and not proper breathe support

    Jaw - the jaw needs to be stationary and not shift too much. if it does i builds up tension, i used to push out my jaw out when i used to do "e" vowel modifications,which gave me tension.

    Choking - We use the release valves in order to not get caught singing higher notes. with exaggerating , for example "to know"  can be these vowels " ta kna o" . but not ta kna. and it causes moving targets.

    Im not sure of the terminology of this next subject im talking about. Singing high and then dropping the larynx into chest voice. but it could not be done the other way around.  

     (Thank you Bob for pointing out that I needed open throat and bright color sound) 

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