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Help with my warmup before the show!

Hi Guys!

Before a show I'm singing the first 8 tracks of the second stage corresponding to the piano solo version using a volume level very soft like a day of recovery is involved.

I'm doing the right thing or should use a greater amount of volume? Should complete the full training? Or do what I do is enough?

(My shows usually have a duration of 90 minutes and the repertoire is usually music journey, deep purple, whitesnake and similar bands).

Thank you very much in advance : ^) 

@Ken Tamplin  Ken
@highmtn        Bob
@sspatrick     Scott

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  • highmtn said:

    I recommend that you start off very gently, and just wake up your voice, let it become clear and clean.  After about 15 minutes, you can lean into the sound just a bit, but don't go too far with that.

    You don't want to oversing before a show.  Save a little for the performance.

    If you are at a very advanced level and if you are working out very hard every day, then you are probably in better shape and can do more challenging workouts, but if you are still working on building up your stamina you should be more conservative with your gig-day warmups.


    Thank you very much Bob, you are very kind : ^ )
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