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Beginner question about technique


I am a guitarist (played for 17 years) wanting to give singing a try, so I don't have to depend on other people to perform :-), and just to be a more well-rounded musician overall.  Anyhow, I have a question regarding technique.  I am going through KTVA Volume 1 right now.  Near the beginning of the volume, Mr. Tamplin goes through how important the "ah" sound is, and explains that we should keep our jaw open all the way, etc., while doing scales with the "ah" vowel.  My question is the following... is this technique mainly:

a) just a method to work out the vocal chords (similar to working out) that you do in order to make your voice stronger day by day, or

b) both the above and also the way you are supposed to actually sing; i.e., when you sing a song, are you supposed to try to keep your jaw open as wide as possible, as demonstrated for the scale practices?

I did a few vocal lessons a few years ago, and I do recall my voice getting stronger by doing this.  However, if I try to sing in the same way, it is very difficult and I think it sounds better without trying to hold my jaw open as wide as possible.

Any help is appreciated.  Thanks!


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