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AHA lead singer

Not sure why this guy never did get the kind of recognition he deserved. Really love his vocals..live on the Grammys


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    ragnarragnar Pro Posts: 410
    edited March 2015
    Damn it. I just had a semi-long post disappear on me somehow.

    To summarize: I'm a huge fan of his, love his silky smooth voice. I do think though, that he gets plenty of recognition. His last 3 albums in 2008, 20012 and 2014 topped the Norwegian charts. He's probably just not interested in being an international superstar after A-ha having made him financially comfortable.
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    nmacqnmacq Pro Posts: 3
    Agreed not only that, they created excellent music too, real players, real singers.  Nice post... and the way he goes from mid range to high...nice.  Also unlike me, he doesn't appear to be in any distress with breath control...

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