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Hello, I'm Cristian. I'm from Argentina, but at the moment I'm living in Chile. My english is not the best thing, but I try my best.
I'm software developer, so I be in front of a computer all day long is usual. I love to play drums, but I want to singing too. 
So, moments ago, I bought Ken Tamplin pro bundle, and joined to this big community. 

I was thinking to take classes with a teacher, but I really trust in Ken, and maybe is the best thing that I could ever do.
I'm introvert. But I really like things, like doing Parkour!

I will try my best. Thanks !


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    Hi Cristian!

    You are automatically my friend, because I'm a drummer, too, and I bought KTVA so that I could sing lead vocals.  It works really well, so dig in and follow Ken's instructions.  You will make great progress.

    I'm singing better than ever now.  I also spend a lot of time at computers, so I know how you feel.  You just need to break away and do your practice as needed. I often do mine at the computer, so that's fine if that works for you. 

    Ken's methods work FOR REAL!  You will be glad you went with KTVA!



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    Hi Bob !

    I'm glad to be your friend :D ! I started with the first volume, and it feels very well. I don't know if I will practice in front of the computer, but I will try to practice all the nights at week, and all I can at weekends :)

    I'm happy for you, you transmit all this good energy, and I feel your confident on singing throught your writing. Maybe one day, many of us could sing together! Maybe sing and play drummers at the same time hahaha.

    Spending a lot the time with computers is not the best thing to do, but for the moment, is the path which bring me the possibility to do things that I really love.

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