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help with this tongue thing ..

HI .. i am going through vol.1 , Ken has this technique he referred to as 'having a ball in the back of your mouth' .. looks more like a hotdog tongue.. lol.. i am not understanding if he really wants me to sing with my tongue rolled or ? 


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    The Ball in the Back of the Mouth didn't make much sense to me, but now it does if I think of it as a "Ball-shaped open space in the back of the mouth".   In other words, when you move your hotdog tongue forward, it creates more space in the back of the throat.  That's the point, is to move the tongue forward, and make this "Open Throat Space" in the back of your throat as you do the humming of the tongue exercise.  When Ken said the ball thing, I pictured a solid ball that would clog my throat.  I just didn't get it.  The "ball" is just the shape of the open space.  Now your tongue shouldn't be actually Rolled, or curled up, it's more like.. er.. a hotdog!  You just kind of "inflate" the tongue into that hotdog shape, close your lips around it, and do the mmmmm sound, letting the buzzing and humming come through your nasopharynx, exiting through your nose. 

    Keep the air down a light as possible and try to avoid the speed bump as you connect through your passagio.

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