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Does this course teach how to sing with rock distortion?

Hello. We all know Ken can sing rock and it sounds good. But does this course teach how to add "rock dirt" into your vocal? I've been singing for many years and have no problem singing with a clean voice. However I still can't get it how Freddie Mercury or other well known rock vocalists produce the distorted sound. Obviously this should be done without strain, on the other hand we do know that rock vocalists, even Mercury and Stiven Tyler had issues with their vocal cords. Was it lack of technique or a price for this beautifully distorted sound they got in the upper register? Whatever I do, I can't get any similar sound. Ken can do it, but can he teach this?

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    and @pavelp ,you don' want to do too much hyperglottal compression exercises because if you do them incorrectly, you could easily damage your voice. That technique is the most advanced form of distortion and Chris Cornell uses it in some of his songs.
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