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Stuck in a rut

Hi All!
I have been on KT Forum for a while and would to hear about other people's "journey". I am currently doing some low key performances with mainly family and friends attending which is great but I would to stretch myself more, not just in the complexity of the song but audiences. Have you any suggestions for the next step? What have been your experiences of performing?
Any comments would be greatly appreciated.


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    rcrosierrcrosier Pro Posts: 275
    Do you play an instrument?  If so, are there any Open Mic nights where you are?  They are great for going in and playing 2 or 3 songs on your own.

    I don't play guitar, only drums, so it's really hard for me to sing at open mics unless I know the people hosting, and they know songs I can sing... so I had to work around that, but it was still doable.  Most hosts are willing and able to play something for you to sing if you ask.

    I think it's a great way to stick your toes in the water without too much pressure.

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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    Some places have "karaoke with the band" where they have a house band playing standard pop, rock, and country (or whatever) songs and you get to front a live band.

    Also, there is regular karaoke, where you can go and nobody knows you.  That way you can practice getting up and performing with a live audience of folks that are not your friends and relatives.

    You may want to go and just watch others do this and see if you can get up the nerve to get up onstage.  You may have a hard time NOT getting up once you see others do it... OR you may realize that you just have to dive in and get your feet wet to get past that first time.

    Just as a practical matter, you may want to pick a song or two, and make sure you know what key you can sing the song in.  It's not fun if they put a version on that you can't sing along to, because it's too high or too low. They have all different versions, so it's quite possible that they would put on a track that is not right for you.  Buy a couple of tracks and rehearse to them.  Know what key they are in (it should be on the label).  Either supply the karaoke host with your CD/MP3, or tell them the key you have learned the song in.

    You want your first times onstage to be good experiences, if you can manage to prepare a little for it.


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    josephinejosephine Pro Posts: 30
    Thanks for all the advice. I was thinking along those lines since I think I want to minimize the chance of me falling flat on my feet. Maybe, I could post an example of my performance for the final summer show for some feedback before I embark on my next venture. Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks again folks!!
    Kind Regards
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