Hi Mac from Idaho Here

Hello, just starting program...late bloomer...late 40's
been working on Beach Boys determined Brian Wilson is just too hard for me or my voice isn't right yet
Better with Beatles
Much better with on the "Wonders Dance with you" but not good enough to post publicly.

up until 6 months ago, thought I would never try to sing ever, ever, ever.  Good or bad, it really is addicting, I play guitar, bass, drums but only feel totally consumed when singing it's like fully involved with the voice...not sure how to describe.

Also, I'm curious about this guy Weeknd, it seems like he always starts in about the same key and has a totally consistent pitch...then builds the music around the lyrics, using the vocals as the first track to lay down....

any ideas on key, how he get's that sound...equipment etc..I mean this guy is tearing up you tube...let alone the effect on the ladies...:-)
tried to find least explicit version: 



  • highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,357

    Sounds like he's using a lot of autotune on his voice.  That would explain why his pitch is totally consistent.  It's computer-enhanced.

    The whole thing sounds like it's pitch-shifted a little bit, too, Like the key is between E and F.  And there is no E# in existence.   

    Interesting sound.  A bit artificial, but that makes it sound more "electronic"... because it is.


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