My name is Doug, and I'm not ashamed to say that I'm 58 years old. I don't act like it, and most people are amazed when I tell them my age. I started playing guitar when I was 13. Not enough fingers and toes, but if my calculations are correct, that was about 45 years ago. I don't want to bore anyone, but I'll try to squeeze 45 years into a nutshell. I have a nice singing voice and I've always loved singing. I was lead singer in a couple of small-time rock bands, won talent contests, etc., etc. The problem is, I am self-taught and I really don't know how to sing...correctly.

I grew up in Michigan, and when I got out of high school, my brother and I jumped into his truck and moved to Southern California; Orange County to be exact. I wanted to pursue rock music and thought "Californy is the place I otta be." It was tough, very tough, but we finally made friends and got on our feet so to speak. I was a very foolish young man who unfortunately, got involved in drugs. It was bad, really bad and drugs nearly cost me my life. When I hit rock-bottom, I met Jesus Christ and He pulled me up out of that mess.

After that, every time I picked up my guitar it reminded me of the drugs, so I put my guitar away for roughly 20 years. Long story short, I had a big hole inside and finally came to realize it's music...I need music in my life. I made a promise to God that this time around, I would write songs and sing to worship and glorify Him. About 4 years ago, I bought 2 nice upside-down guitars (I'm left-handed) a Taylor acoustic, and a Les Paul. I built a small studio in an extra bedroom, equipped it with Pro Tools and some middle-of-the-road accessories, and started writing contemporary Christian songs.

Now, having said all of that...I'm here because I want to learn how to sing correctly. I've purchased other (expensive) singing courses, which I won't mention by name, but I believe Ken Tamplin is the guy who can help me be my best. I'm not too old...I'm not afraid, and however much time I have left that the good Lord gives me, I plan on going out singing for Him. Huahhh!  


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358


    Hi, Doug.

    Thank you for sharing your story with us, and Yes, you have come to the right place.

    There's no time like the present to get started singing the right way.  Ken's methods work.  Follow Ken's instructions and you'll be on your way!

    No shame in being only 58!!

    I spent too much money on too many singing courses that didn't work, also.  I was glad when KTVA turned out to be what I had been looking for all along!  No more wasted time and money!




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    dferri03dferri03 Pro Posts: 2

    Nice to meet you, and thank you for the words of encouragement. Take care, and I hope to run into you again.

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