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Should you feel any soreness or difference at all after singing?

andman342andman342 Pro, 2.0 PRO Posts: 72
So I am a relatively new singer (only been singing for one year) and I have taken voice lessons ever since i started. I can feel my voice growing and my technique is improving but i sometimes wonder if my technique is wrong all together. Sometimes i get soreness in the throat primarily when i swallow but usually it is always gone within a day. My current voice teacher says that I'm singing correctly and that i should just keep working on the techniques that he's giving me. After having KTVA for a week I noticed that i still get a little sore from KTVA as well even though a put a huge emphasis on technique. I have read that Ken has said its ok to be sore but its not ok to have pain. It seems like its  impossible to feel nothing after singing so my question is, is it normal to feel soreness or any difference at all after you have sang?


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359

    It's normal to feel much like you do after working out in the gym.  It's not normal to feel anything that you would call pain.

    Gradually, as your voice grows, you should feel less of the soreness of growth and new use of muscles that have previously not been asked to work that hard, because you will grow in strength and stamina.

    You even see Ken has put out a lot of energy at the end of some of his videos of extremely hard songs.  It still can take lots of energy and effort, but at that point of your development you have a lot more energy and strength to draw upon.

    Every day you will have to do your warmups before your voice is ready to sing up to the capability that you have developed it to.  Ideally, you will be able to know your limitations and can stop short of pushing yourself all the way to your extreme limits all of the time.  That's a good place to work out.  It's less wearing on you physically, and you still are in a position for steady vocal growth, with less discomfort. 

    You won't feel "nothing" after singing, but how far towards your limitations you stretch every day will determine whether you feel discomfort.  I know that I don't like it if my larynx feels uncomfortable when I swallow, and I usually know exactly what it was that I did that was pushing it just a little too far, and I can choose to not push it THAT far.  One note less can make a big difference. I may want to approach that note a little more gently, or I may want to save that note for another day.

    Learn your own limitations, and stay within them.  Stretch gently.  Don't strain.  Listen to your voice when part of it gets sore.  It's telling you something.


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