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How KTVA changed my singing style

I am a drummer/lead vocalist for a Christian/thrash/progressive metal band called "The Unknown." The only reason why I sang was that i sang tenor in choir awhile back. I was a good singer but KTVA is currently helping me be comfortable with my singing and i love some of the excercises he does. My highest note that i could sing was an A4 before i knew Ken. Now i can occasionally hit an A5 if I have access to head voice. This How to sing better course is giving me opportunities to take on very complex tunes. I am currently working on "Pull Me Under" by Dream Theater, "Great Gig in the Sky" by Pink Floyd, and a few Rush tunes. Also, I couldn't have learned how to sing "Faithfully" by Journey if it wasn't for Ken Tamplin. Although i am not channeling him, i have sounded pretty good singing that tune in my own style and have gotten a lot of positive feedback from my audience during a karaoke night.

From- Alex Deitemeyer (Drummer/Lead Vocalist for "The Unknown")
Lexington, KY
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