Good evening, KTVA

My name is Mark and I'm still a couple of months away from joining properly (budget...seriously), but I finally wanted to introduce my self and at least become better known. While I can "sing", and have done so most of my life, I've never had lessons. For one reason or another that's never happened, nor have I made the effort - until now. I'm making one more run at trying to make music as a career a reality rather than a someday. It really has to be now. To that end I need to improve both my voice and my guitar. I think I read somewhere that John Mayer wanted to do with his guitar, what Sting did with his voice. That's not too far from what I think my goal (or goals) are. There's a bit of truth to the JM Sting quote: I'd like to go into a studio and do all my own harmonies. But, really, I'd like to be able to do with my voice what I working towards on my guitar: to have a technique or technical ability to do whatever I want. That might be a tad ambitious, but I feel, as a musician, that you owe it to yourself and your audience to be the best you can possibly be.

I've joined a new band. First gig is a month from the whatever the time stamp is on this post. I will be singing with this band, harmonies and lead. So for that next few months (between now and, say, August), I'll just be doing the singing thing the way I've always done it; a bit like McCartney says he does it: he has a voice in his head and brings it out (I know it's not that easy, but you get the idea...actually, in my mind, I do sort of do that). Hopefully the budget, padded with some gig money, can afford me Volume I of the course. That's what I really want: to build a solid foundation.

I watched Ken's introductory video. Not only did I get something from that, but I have the feeling that working with just those few tips alone might just get me through the next few months. It's not the best thing, but, for now, maybe it'll be enough.

Speaking of Ken's video... I couldn't put into words, exactly, why Ken appeals to me, so I'll let the Eleventh Doctor say it for me: I never know why, I only know who.

I'll shut up now! I have tunes to work on for Saturday and It's getting late! 



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    Hi, Mark.

    Don't wait too long.  I did the same thing and held off getting KTVA for a YEAR, waiting to be able to better afford it.

    I had already spent a lot on other programs that didn't work.

    By the time I bought the program, I realized that I was no more wealthy, I still had other things to prevent me from buying the program that I could spend the money on, and a year had passed by.  I could have just gotten started on the journey I am still on, of growing my voice.

    My voice has grown immensely since I started, but it's a life-long process to build, maintain, and sustain the voice.

    I'm not rushing you.  I was right where you're at, trying to balance the budget and looking forward to some day really getting started on a real vocal program.  When I finally got KTVA, I knew it was the best thing I had ever done for myself.  I could have kicked myself for waiting so long.  Everything else was the same, but at last I had started my singing journey, my real singing journey.  Before that, I was adrift in bad singing programs and self-taught nonsense.

    The one advantage to waiting is that you're really, really going to want it, the longer you wait.  ; ^)

    The time will come.  Looking forward to it.

    All the Best!


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    Thank you for the kind words! I've know about the Ken Tamplin Vocal Academy for about four years. You might say I've been wanting it for some time. Life is funny, as you well know. I have one more "pothole" to deal with before I clear the tunnel, else wise I would have enrolled by now! 

    I'll be along in a short!

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    Watch out for those potholes!  Yes, if you've been waiting four years to get started on KTVA, you will definitely be ready when you take the plunge!  It feels really good to finally start turning that desire into action!

    We'll be here waiting for you when you show up!


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