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Out of all of the songs that are really hard to sing correctly, The national anthem has got to be the hardest song i ever sang. I sung that song in the Key of C, which is a good range for tenors since the the tenor range ranges from C3-C5. I didn't even think that song would be well within my range until i sang Celine Dion's "The power of love" from Ken Tamplin's How to sing better than anyone else volume 1 course. He sing's his own rendition of that song in the Vowel Shaping Tract part of Volume 1 part 2. In my opinion, i think that the national anthem in the key of C and Ken Tamplin's rendition of the Power of Love would be some good songs to start out with for those that want to sing in the tenor range. I say that because both of those songs have a G4 being the highest note you have to hit.
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