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After singing for quite a while now ive noticed that theres a light switch of resonance sometimes i have it sometimes i dont. Sometimes when I go its the LAW ahh I can feel the heavy vibration at the top of my mouth it allows me to sing almost anything. Then sometimes I cant get that resonance its just not there usually if i stop singing for a while. Id like to understand the resonating mechanism better. Is there a way to always have it? What would be the best way to unleash the beast within without hurting myself?


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
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    Ken is always telling us that it's the BRIGHT aspect of the way he demonstrates "It's the LAH!!! AHHH!!!". 

    That brightness is the component that helps the sound to Ring, or Resonate in the cavities of the skull and pharyngeal areas.  A bit of Mask can help to get those areas ringing.  "Aiming" the air or sound at hard surfaces in the vocal tract help.  Also Vocal Tract Shaping (which is what the vowel modifications are) can help to resize the areas where resonance takes place (in the back of the throat).  

    That's why we want the uvula to be able to rise freely, as needed, why we want the throat and jaw to remain OPEN, with the tongue out of the way, because the right combination of these variables helps the column of air inside us to begin to RESONATE.  The very word means to Re-sound.  It's echoes that are happening alongside the original sound, and they create additive amplitude to the sound waves at certain frequencies, producing increased volume and tone, all without having to sing any harder.  That allows us to "ride the wave" of the sound itself.  It becomes less work and more enjoyable for both the singer and the listener. 

    The best way I know of to be able to do it more of the time is much like learning to sing on proper pitch.  You are always listening to yourself sing, very intently, and when you hear that resonation begin, you take note of what you are doing so that you can do more of it.  It all has to do with the right combination of the things mentioned above.  So when you've got it (like you say you sometimes catch yourself doing "it") be more in the moment and teach yourself how to recreate the feelings you are having as you do it.  Play with it, and see what increases it and what decreases it.  

    To me, it is a distinct "ring".  Certain notes just ring out.  I can emphasize that or de-emphasize it.  It's stuff that is happening internally that I really can't verbalize.  It's more of relating sound to feeling.  When you are doing that proper "It's the Lah!" tone, that is THE TONE that WILL RING the BEST! 

    It's the perfect tone to inject into the vocal tract in order to shape the tract in such a way that the sound will resonate to the maximum amount.  Start with the tone.  Work with the shaping and the application of support and proper pressures.  Direct the sound to areas where more resonation occurs, i.e. back of the teeth, hard palate, pockets high in the very back of the throat, etc... 

    When you find it, grab it and don't let it get away!


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