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I have recently released an EP singing my own songs. All thanks to the KTVA program. I have been at it for 2,5 years, slowly and steadlily making great progress as a singer. i have been doing the exercises on my way home from work everyday. For 40 minutes in my car, which is no optimal according to Kens recommendations but still better than not doing it at all.

I felt like sharing the link to the recording 1) to show what the program can do 2) i'm proud of the result :-).

I'm aware there is still room for improvement but still...

Link :



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    So nice to hear from you again after all this time!

    You are sounding really good, man!  I remember listening to your Lah Arpeggios oh, so long ago!

    My, how your voice has grown!

    You're right, singing on your daily commute isn't the ideal way to study the voice, but many of us have had to exactly that because of life's constraints.  Not bad for a commuter vocal graduate!  If memory serves, I think you might have been having some struggles finding time for your vocal workouts way back when.

    I like your melodies, your vocal tone, and the recording sounds very good, as well!  Nice songwriting!  This is a very good EP.

    You have every right to be proud of your accomplishments!

    You Rock, Dude!  Thanks for coming by to share your music!

    All the Best!


  • JocksterJockster Enrolled Posts: 38
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    Thank you Bob! As always you have positive encouraging feedback. You're a great guy!

    The bottom line though is that i couldn't sing on the level i am without Kens method and the valuable feedback i received from you and other people in the forum. And of course it doesn't stop here... The quest for the golden voice rages on. :-)
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    That's awesome Jockster. Great job!

    You rock bro,

    LOVE to see people not giving up and having killer breakthroughs like this!!! :-)

  • JocksterJockster Enrolled Posts: 38
    Thanks Ken! Cool to read your response.

    Oh, I'm not giving up, doing this recording made it really interesting. :smiley:
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