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Big hello from a KTVA user!

joem789joem789 Member Posts: 3
Hi yall

Believe it or not, I purchased Ken's lessons a few years ago. Due to life circumstances, its been hit and miss on my practices. I'll spend a few months on it, then stop for a year. It has nothing to do with the quality of Ken's program. It's just my lazy ass being pre-occupied. Lol.

Anyway. Even with my limited training, the lessons have really enabled me to sing things I never could before. I know I have written about this on Youtube some time ago. But I will sum things up by stating that once you reach a certain level in your voice, the singing itself can keep you on the road to improvement, AS LONG AS YOU ARE USING GOOD HABITS. I know this to be true. Because even during periods of not practicing, my singing in the car over time has still given me improvements. Now I am not copping out here. As a matter of fact, if I had been sticking with the training full time, I would likely be a lot better than I am now. And I still plan to "get serious" again very soon. I am really anxious to see how much this Baritone voice can do. Right now I am trapped into singing country music. Not such a bad thing considering my dad played in a country band for 30 years. I grew up listening to Def Leppard and Whitesnake! By I know how to twang a Tele! Lol.

Here is my RN channel. I posted some of my singing attempts. And would certainly appreciate any remarks or insults you may have. My voice is "different". I wasn't born with a voice I would like to have. But am trying to find a way to make it work for me. Ken has been making that happen! Anyway. Some of my recordings are terrible. Some not so bad. See what you think.



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358


    Your voice sounds very nice.  I like the sound you are getting.  It's very pleasing to listen to. Your recordings are very well-done and professional-sounding.

    You need to get off your lazy a&& (your words) and get back into your program!  You could do so much more with your voice (and it does sound very good now) if you would spend some more attention to techniques and details that happen when you really work your program more diligently.

    Get Serious (LOL)!!!  ;^)

    Really, you've done well with the little attention you've put into your vocal studies.

    What I can hear you could improve if you would put your voice to the grindstone a little more consistently.  I can hear that you could use a bit more support, and also that you would be able to increase the range of your chest voice considerably.  That could make you feel a bit more like a baritone-tenor.   You wouldn't lose any of your lower range, you would just gain chesty higher notes and the ability to sing with more power if you want to.  The quality of your voice grows in so many ways that it's hard to put into words when you train it properly.

    I know from my personal experience that it's easy to go "hey, I sound good enough, and I just don't have the time", but I also know from personal experience that when I just TAKE THE TIME and practice, diligently, that's when I make my greatest strides

    Sometimes the bigger improvements lag behind that initial beginning of practice by as much as a couple of weeks or even months, but there is no mistaking it: the Sleeping GIANT that is the fullness of your vocal potential needs to be awakened and can only be done by APPLYING correct techniques and stimulating your vocal mechanisms to grow and to work together to produce the ultimate sound that you are capable of.

    You have the entire rest of your singing life to continue to grow and develop your voice.  Might as well get started on that growth now.  Seriously.  Why wait until this whole portion of your life slips by to have the voice you've always known was inside there somewhere?  You can get there sooner if you turn up the practice, attention, and focus sooner.  Yeah, I know, what's the big rush?  


    You've already paid for the product, so why not get the most out of it that you can?  It's not going to practice FOR you, ha, ha!

    Joe, you can request to have your forums status upgraded according to your KTVA purchase if you copy and paste into an email to ktvaforums@gmail.com a copy of your KTVA purchase receipt, mention your forums username, and say you are requesting a forums upgrade.  There is a lot of updated information and videos galore.  You only see a small tip of the iceberg of what is in the KTVA forums as a "member".  There are huge areas of vocal information in the students-only areas of the forums.

    Nice to hear from you joem789.

    Don't be a stranger. 

    Welcome back to the forums.



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    joem789joem789 Member Posts: 3

    Thanks very much for your reply. I feel exactly the same way as you described. I have a really strong speaking voice. But I do have to hold back quite a bit when singing due to lack of support. I know. I am being a slacker. I do plan to begin this week getting back into Stage 2 for a spell, and then going into Stage 3 again. Stage 3 really did alot to raise my chest and give me power. But I layed off and have lost that ability. But I had a taste of it!

    Its been a few years since I ordered the download. I got it back when Ken's lesson format was somewhat different then they are now. I should have it in email somewhere. I certainly appreciate the information alot!

    Joe M
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