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How to sing like him?


It looks like he is not using the glottal compression and he maintains open throat all the time and his pitch is very accurate. What can I do to sing that freely and move from one note to another as easy as this guy does? :) Also the distortion that he uses sound very different than hyper glottal compression and he makes it look and sound very easy. How it's done?


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    streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
    That guy is awesome... He is using a tonne of support (same inhalation techniques ken uses on 'pretender' and 'painkiller' and judging by how long he holds his notes and how long some of the phrases are, he is using glottal compression otherwise he'd pass out.

    i haven't really touched on distortion yet but his distortion sounds very similar to Adam Spizzo's and Gabriella in the advanced vids.
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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
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    His compression is almost no compression at all.  He's using the same distortion techniques Ken teaches, but without much pressure at all.

    He's singing lightly by comparison, but adds a slight amount of compression when he wants to distort.  His distortion is somewhat light, as well, but distorted, nonetheless.  I've often mentioned that you mix in a very small amount of distortion with the clean sound, and that is plenty.

    In your demos, you are pushing much harder.  You've mentioned headaches and wanting to hit super-high notes with tons of compression.  This guy is going about it in a much more relaxed manner. 

    No doubt about it, he trains a lot and does scales like crazy.  But he's doing it with an overall ease.

    You decide how much force you want to put into your own voice.  You can sing with huge amounts of pressure or not much at all.

    One day you want to scream and wail like a metal monster all the time, and the next day you want to sing like someone who sings with a smooth style and a mostly clean voice.  You are in control of where you are taking your voice.  It goes where you take it. Take it where you want to go. 

    All the Best.


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    huberthubert Pro Posts: 125
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    Thank you Bob for the answer. I know what I want to sing like, I'm just curious of different approaches and techniques to make different sounds. I wanna be able to do it myself as well. I don't want to change my style of singing, I just wanted to know how he sings those notes so effortless but still sounding powerful and singing loud not hurting himself at the same time. It's just a little weird to me that with that light compression he is able to produce that much volume and control the pitch so well.
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    streeterstreeter Pro Posts: 679
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    Resonance. He hits his pockets and knows exactly where they are through A TONNE of practice and experience..
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