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Beltbox - The Portable Warm-Up Dampener for Singers

After Ken recently shared a link on Facebook to this I looked into it and tried to find anything similar on the market and couldn't as I'm going to be moving into a flat at the end of the month I definitely need something to help noise levels.

It seems like a good idea, hope it is easily cleanable. I've ordered one and will let you know how I get on with it! Is there anyone else here who has one?




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    rcrosierrcrosier Pro Posts: 275
    @philmaher:  Someone was talking about this a while back... had purchased one, and if I remember, they said that while it worked fine, it was a bit difficult to work with.  That's all I remember.
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    MattMatt Pro Posts: 197

    Hey man,

    I bought one a while back and luckily I've not had to use it much, but it did a fantastic job of cutting the noise level down on my voice. The downside is that it can be difficult to tell if you're forcing too much air across or not and you can't open your mouth all that wide whilst using it properly. You can hold it in such a way so that you can open your mouth wider, but it won't be as effective at cutting the volume.

    Hope this helps

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    philmaherphilmaher Pro Posts: 48
    Hi! Thanks @matt and @blondiewales

    Got mine through the post yesterday, quick turnaround, I ordered on the 27th, so although on the website it could take up to 3 weeks, especially for international, that was a nice surprise.

    Pros -Soundproofing wise, excellent, it really dos cut that sound out and definitely think it'l be so useful for strength training.
    I did think it would be a bit of a glorified cycling mask, but it is actually a properly moulded designed piece of kit, even got a little bit of weight to it, that feels like a quality product.

    Cons - It is quite small and because of its moulded shape it may not fit all. For the larger nosed individual its not that comfy and mouth movement is quite restricted.
    I found using it just covering my mouth and my nose outside of the box gave the same amount of soundproofing and was more comfy.

    I only noticed after using it how much i do like to open up my mouth when exercising on the higher stuff to get a bigger resonant sound whereas after using the belt box i found i could get up there with the same mouth position as lower stuff (because you can't move your mouth that much.) 

    As @blondiewales said, i think it'l be great for strength training and just being able to practise everyday, i doubt i'd practice songs through it.

    I'l maybe update a month down the line and see where I'm at with it!
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    dennisbccdennisbcc Pro Posts: 3
    I remember seeing on Ebay a kind of portable booth which looks like that "Beltbox" but with a microphone inside. 
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    Fantastic post Phil, @philmaher ,Thank you,Cheers!
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