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Hello from English guy joining the KTVA family!

Hi everyone - I've just done the first half of the first section and wow, things have changed already - singing with the LAW has notched up my volume effortlessly and I've only been doing an hour or so - a great feeling and im excited to keep on progressing!

Like many of you, I sing live and have battles with sound engineers trying to add too much "top" onto my quiet, muffle vocals, and feedback because they cant turn my mike up high enough over a full band with drums and bass - soon in the near future I'm looking forward to singing with confidence and ability. Nice to meet you all on the same road!

All the best, Tom


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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,359
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    Welcome, Tom!

    You have selected the right program, especially for working musicians!  

    You don't have time to monkey around with programs that don't deliver the goods.  It's great that you are already noticing changes, but I'll tell you right now, you ain't seen nothin' yet. You will continue to see progress, and much of that progress takes place over months and years of working Ken's methods.

    That's not a bad thing.  That's reality.  Growth in the voice can take time, and it will take focus and effort, but these methods are the real thing. ...and it's cool that a year from now, two years from now, you will STILL be progressing if you keep practicing Ken's methods.

    You may have to have a discussion with your bandmates at some time about onstage volume levels, playing to a good mix at all times, having quality stage monitors, or even in-ear monitors, but definitely good sound systems are a "garbage in, garbage out" situation.  So the first thing to do is optimize your voice, before getting into a debate with the sound man and the guys with the drums and the guys with the Marshall Stacks. 

    I've been working the KTVA Program for a while now, and that has given my voice quite a make-over.  I recently got a new, better mic and also a new monitoring system for my voice AND my drums.  I'm in singer/player Heaven these days. My band is loving it, too.  Now that my voice is updated, AND my monitoring system is updated, AND my band knows how to play dynamically and not try to drown out everyone else so that THEY will be the loudest, every gig is magic.  

    My voice sounds better at the end of the gig than when we first start out, because it just keeps getting more and more warmed-up.  I no longer cringe when they want me to sing a harder, higher song towards the end of the night. I'm all warmed-up and I know how to sing it without killing my voice; The sound is crystal-clear, it's easy to hear myself, and it's fun.

    Listen to every word Ken says.  Watch the videos again and again, from time to time. You will notice things that you didn't notice before when you re-watch them. Forget what you used to "know" about singing and listen to Ken.  He really knows. 

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