finally giving this a shot

Hello everyone,

First time really doing any kind of actual training with vocals.  Decided to give KTVA a shot after much thought.

My question is right now I just purchased the propack.  In the first couple of videos regarding the "building a head voice", KT really expresses the need to build your chest voice out.  I thought that chest voice videos and instruction would be included in the Propack sale.  Which vids or exercises should I give a looksy to make sure I have that down first before trying any of the head voice stuff.  I really want to do this correctly.

A little about me.  Been playing bass guitar on and off for a few years(12 years :)).  Finally wrote a song for guitar, bass and vocals as a tribute to a good friend that passed away last year.  I realized in this whole writing and soon to be recording process that I know nothing of vocals.  So here I am

thanks all



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    highmtnhighmtn Administrator, Moderator, Enrolled, Pro, 3.0 Streaming Posts: 15,358
    Hi, Freddy.

    Nice to meet you.  

    You need to start with Volume One Videos and then start doing the Volume One audio exercises every day.  You'll be doing that steady for a minimum of six weeks.  Most folks take longer than that.  Then you go to Volume two videos and audio exercises.
    Then on to Volume three videos and exercises. 

    Only after you complete all of the above will you be ready to proceed to the Building Head Voice program. 

    When you bring up the Volume One Video main movie, you can look at the files there in that folder.  Look for either a .pdf file or a WORD file after all of the video files. That is the instruction file for how to do Volume One.  There is a  similar file in the Volume Two and Volume Three video folders that will tell you what to do in those. 

    After Volumes 1, 2, and 3, you go to Building Head Voice, and at that point you can choose what else you want to study.  

    There are Webcam lessons to watch, Licks and tricks lessons, and song-practice files.

    Take it all a little at a time.  Watch the videos again after a while.  You will catch ideas and concepts that you missed before when you watch again.  Pay attention to how Ken tells you to do the techniques, and copy him as closely as you can. 

    Practice as regularly as you can and keep focused on what Ken tells you to do.

    All the Best.

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    fdiazfdiaz Pro Posts: 2
    I got it. Thank you very much for that brother. I downloaded the videos in reverse order and they hadn't finished yet that's what kind of got me confused. Once again thank you
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