hoarseness at band rehearsals

hi everyone
man this hoarseness is a real issue for me,before my band rehearsals should i warm up for an hour or just do 15  minutes to avoid this happening?
the other night at practise i really felt it on the high pitched songs,we only did about 7 songs and that was it for me.
i posted help vocal fold issues a while ago that  was the first ent  strobe i had done .i recently had a second strobe the lesions are'nt as bad as before so thats good.i must be doing something wrong though to be going hoarse like this.
 i dont sing all the time because i dont wanna push it,thats the voice, lesions etc.
so would 15 minute warm ups be better than an hour work out just  before a rehearsal/ or even a gig in my case
also on the audio work outs i cant reach a lot of those high notes.i'm trying to build chest voice as high as,not sure where my head voice is though this is a bit of a dilemma for me at the moment.
would love your feed back.
thanks all  kind regards  daz.

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