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A BIG Yes to the 'How to sing better.....' Course!

Bought the vocal course Ken...about half an hour in (video section no. 10) of the just the FIRST DVD of the course (!!) I have already discovered a major 'key' to singing better! Incredible! This is from someone who's been a pro singer for over 25 years! I can't thank you enough for putting all your vast knowledge into this course Ken! You deserve every bit of praise, recognition and abundance that comes from your efforts - much gratitude! keep rocking! P.s. anyone wondering whether your money will be well spent on this course? JUST GET IT! really! seriously! :)


  • KyleAbbottKyleAbbott Pro Posts: 4
    Just made it to the same video and came to praise it as well!
    It's amazing the things that we figure out on our own and start to do naturally, but without proper guidance it's hard to see whether or not those things are correct.

    I've been doing the first vowel modification just from blind practicing, but not the other two and man does it make a difference.
  • kaulferskaulfers Pro Posts: 300
    As pro I'll assume you sing to keep food on the table. house over your head and raise a family...

    It's amazing that after so many years in the biz, or doing something no matter what there is always room to become more skilled.


    Thank you for sharing
  • AnaamAnaam Pro Posts: 45
    Thank you Bro! 
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