This is me singing Breathe from In the Heights



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    its a pretty messy recording sorry, I just learned this song
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    I would really like to hear your voice in the context of having some backing tracks playing along, at a low volume.  It's hard to listen to a voice, especially in a longer piece, without having some cues as to the key the song is in, in relation to the voice that is singing.  

    You obviously have some vocal talent, but it would be helpful to put it in the context of pitch and key, and long acapella pieces don't lend themselves very well to that. 

    Could you do this singing along to a recorded version, with your own voice closer to the mic in relation to what might already be on the track, so we can hear your voice as dominant?

    Thanks for Posting!

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    sure, I'll put it up in a few! Thanks for your feedback! I had the karaoke in my headphones but I'll try and find a way to play it aloud
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    here it is, thanks for telling me! 
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    there we go its in the first comment sorry bout that
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    Thank you @TheatricalMetalHead

    It's amazing what a little bit of context does to help you understand what's going on in a musical piece.  Because of the theatrical nature of the tune in your demo, and my unfamiliarity with it, I had no idea what your melody was doing in the original recording.  

    In the context of the backing tract I can now hear what you're doing right and what you need to improve. 

    You have a nice voice.  Your pitch wanders around a bit here and there.  I think that's mostly because you are using an airy sound that is mostly unsupported.  With your voice unsupported, it will have a tendency to wander, especially when it goes to the limits of your range. 

    I can hear your voice when you are on-pitch, and it sounds good there.  It shows you have potential.  You need to harness it and make it go where you want it to more accurately and consistently.  

    Support is, in part, maintaining a certain amount of controlled, low pressure on your breath, so that you can keep it even as you apply the breath to the vocal cords.  Because you haven't yet learned to keep that breath and pressure stable, it will wobble a little bit when you aren't sure of the proper amount of support or pressure a given note needs.  It depends on the note and the tone you want and the volume you want as to just exactly what that support is going to need to be.  It changes all the time. 

    The song you are singing is by no means easy to perform.  You did a good job on a difficult song. You need to spend some time training all of the aspects of your voice so that you can take a song like this and nail it from start to finish.  

    Good Job!


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    thanks for your feedback! Do you have any tips on support and control? It's always been my issue I'm just not sure how to do that
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    Ken's course and the Student's areas of the forums have extensive information on support.  Support is crucial to great singing of all kinds.  Theatrical singing is included in the great need for super support.

    Support is how you regulate and control the breath that you sing upon.

    You can watch a number of Ken's YouTube Videos for beginning singers and he gives some basic explanations of support. 

    Here are a few to get you started.  Keep watching as many as you can.  Then take Ken's course and get the benefits that can come from a full course on the voice.





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    the only reason I haven't is because I can't afford it. So I only have youtube as my resource.
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    These videos should help.  Watch the one with Sara Loera, and watch how Ken is telling her to support.
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