old guitar player.... new singer.

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My name is Todd VanEss. I'm 43 and been playing guitar over 20 yrs. I have dabbled with vocals before, but am now taking it more serious.

I’ve bought the course last week, but I’m just getting over a nasty head cold. Though I’ve watched the videos, I have yet to start the actual exercises.

I will say this, my second day with the course, just watching the VOL1 vids, I have finally found my head voice!

I’m just using the vowel mods for the LAH vowel and am finally able to sing at pitch, the intro to AIC’s “Rooster” with presence and volume. Without any strain or pulling. YEAH!!!!

I have so much to learn, but after trying this and seeing almost immediate results, I’m hooked.

What really has me excited is the fact that, though things are soft and gentle in my upper range, I’m now topping out at a Bb5. Almost a C6! This is a big deal for me seeing I’ve conditioned my chest voice to do everything from Tantric’s “Breakdown” to one Journey song, “Anyway You Want It” (though, this is where my chest tops out and strains)

I was told one time that if you can hit a certain pitch, you can learn to sing it. If that’s true, I might have a 4+ octave range. (I should have discovered this 20 yrs ago. LOL)

Anyway, thanks for having me and LET THE JOURNEY BEGIN!



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    welcome aboard!
    you are defiantly starting an exciting journey!
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    Welcome aboard Tedd! Glad to have you join us!

    If you have any question, DO ask! Don't hesitate ;)! Also, since you're new, be sure to check this post out!

    Also, since you play the guitar, I'm pretty sure that the C6 you're referring to is the C5 on the piano. So yeah, I hope you don't get confused by some of our numberings :D We refer to C5 as the Tenor High C. (which would be C6 in your case). C6, we refer it as the Double High C or Soprano High C (C7 in your case). Just pointing that out to avoid confusion in future :D

    Also, range can be trained to achieve. You may long for range right now but once you got the range, you'll start to feel that range isn't everything and tone / pitch / color comes more into play. Not to forget emotions ;D! I've been there and done that hahaha! I too have a 4 octave range. Or at least maybe a 3 and a half ~ 4 XD. I too am still growing my voice :-)

    One last thing, remember that only PERFECT practice makes PERFECT ;). Incorrect practice may make things worse. So if you have any questions / want confirmations, DO post! Along with Demos if it's available so it's easier to pinpoint mistakes :D

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    Hi, Todd, and welcome.

    I'm a musician too, and also decided late in the game that I wanted to become a lead vocalist.  I wandered aimlessly from method to method, until my search brought me to KTVA. 

    This methodology will grow your voice like no other.  Dig in and do the drill.  You will blow your friends and bandmate's minds, not to mention your own!  Just remember it takes a lot of practice, time, and effort.  Put in that time and effort and you will be singing Better Than Anyone Else!

    We're here to cheer you on!


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