Live and let die and Hello demos

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Hi Bob. Long time......Ive posted 2 tunes for you. Live and let die and Lionel Richies Hello. I have been working very long and hard and have made some big improvements...I think!!!!!
I still have a problem recording with headphones (much prefer not using headphones when singing.....so some parts may not be perfect)...but thats recording I suppose.
I will and am working on getting some more recordings done for you soon (in different genres/styles)
Keep well my friend and hope you like these.
Cheers Tom


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    These sound very nice.  Your voice is starting to develop a nice characteristic sound that is all "you".

    As always, I would encourage you to keep improving your support, although I hear more support in these recordings than in the past, so I know you're continuing in that direction.

    I do like what you are doing in both of these recordings.  I would also encourage you to open up just a little more into a bit of an overall "AH" vowel in your sound.  It's the Lah!...  It will put a little more breadth underneath that great bright sound you are getting on top.  See if you can slightly lighten and slow your vibrato.  (I get the same advice from others).

    You are on a good track, Tom.

    Keep the recordings coming!  Great to hear from you!


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    Thanks for that Bob. Will do some more recordings soon.....I have to get my head around recording ( I do tend to get a bit anxious....which leads to a bit of tension, which in turn effects my breathing/support) My support and power is great when Im practicing ( without headphones) I feel Im in control......as soon as I place headphones on and press record, I do get a bit anxious....So I just need to record more now and get over it and get used to it and get it right. I just want to improve in this area with every recording....like I said when I practice it sounds and feels great.
    Does this happen to you or is it a common problem? If so any tips to over come this?
    Anyway Bob thanks for your input and support. Much appreciated as always.
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    I often practice with headphones on.  I have comfortable, sealed headphones, and I have a small mixer at my computer.  I have a mic set up all the time, and can just pick up a guitar and start playing.  The computer's audio output plugs in to the mixer, so I can play my KTVA practice exercises, or the PRO FORUMS advanced lessons, and sing along, or stop the playback and just play and sing.  I'm so used to singing with headphones on and hearing my own voice the way it sounds on recordings, that I'm totally used to it, and kind of expect it to be like that. 

    I listen to people's demos that way, on the same system.  I can put reverb in the phones if I want to.  I can listen to YouTube videos through the phones, etc.  I also have a small set of Bose computer speakers at the desk, as well, so I can sing in the room without the phones or listen to demos on speakers, if that's what I want to do.

    I tend to listen on phones, because I can hear a lot of detail, and when I'm on the road, I take the same phones along to plug into my computer and listen to demos on them. 

    I got used to using headphones in recording studios long ago, so I kind of feel like that's the norm for working on recordings.  I want my live voice to sound as good as a studio recording, so if I practice that way, I'm always working on that sound and that quality. 

    One of the main benefits of that mode of practice and normal everyday work is that I'm so used to doing it that way and recording it, that it's no big deal when I actually push the red button and go into record mode.  It's just like any other time I'm working at my desk or or drum set and recording.  

    Work on getting a nice headphone mix and sound, as well as a great vocal sound.  Put a little reverb on it so that won't change things when you record.  Just don't get addicted to reverb or you'll never want to sing without it. 

    For me, I'm always having to hear my voice through either speaker monitors on stage or headphone monitors in a studio, so just singing into the open air is less normal for me.  To compensate for that, I tend to move the mic up and away so that it's more of a "room mic" and sometimes I just take the phones off and practice in the room. 

    Your voice is coming along nicely.  I'm liking your tone.

    All the Best, Tom.


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