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Hello there,

I'm Scott. I'm 31, and an amateur musician at best. I can play guitar, bass, and drums all at or around an immediate level.  But my singing and "ear" is just atrocious. it's embarrassing really. I thought it was time I did something about it, so hear I am! I downloaded volume 1 and I'm committed to more ear and voice practicing and less guitar. (I only have so much time, you know!)

My goal:  someday play and sign in my own blues/rock band. 

Moving on. My first question.  Ken suggest practicing an hour a day, but volume 1 only has about a half hour of exercises. What do I practice to make up the extra half hour? just repeat the exercises?  I have more than an hour too. if anyone can give me a "volume 1 starter" practice regiment I would be very grateful.

Thanks and I can't wait to "Meet" you all!



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    Scott, here is a link to Kokonuhtz's epic post about everything you need to pay attention to as you get started!


    You have come to the right place.  If you have any way to record yourself, it will help you a lot to record yourself practicing and compare how you sound with how Ken sounds on the exercises.  Also, keeping it bright will help you to tune that ear to more closely match the pitch that you should be singing. 

    I'm a drummer mostly, but I also play guitar, bass, and keyboards. 

    When you get stuck, be sure to post your questions here and someone will chime in with help. 


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    Welcome aboard to KTVA! :D Enjoy your stay and do post if you have any questions!

    Thanks Bob for posting that link hahaha :D!

    I play the piano at an amateur level and only know a few chords on the guitar -o-". So yeah ;)

    I hope that KTVA will help you achieve your goals! (It will... most of it, though there's still the part of forming a band where you'll have to rely on yourself for that ;) )

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